About us

National certificateMiG LLP is one of the leaders in the currency exchange market in Almaty. The company was founded in 1999. Today there are 32 exchange points in every district of the city. In our work, we strictly adhere to the following principles: honesty, professionalism and service culture.

We work with the US dollars, euro, British pounds, Russian rubles, Kyrgyz soms, Chinese yuans, Swiss francs, gold bars of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as 15 additional currencies. We are increasing the number of exchange points in the network, while simultaneously developing the quality of work. This allows us to satisfy customer needs in a particular currency in almost any volume.

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Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to change foreign currency in cash at the best rate and in any area of the city. Fast, fair and safe.

Fast because we value our customers' time. Honest because we strive for long-term relationships with our clients.

Safe because we work with cash and are committed to ensuring the safety of our clients.


The philosophy of MiG is the systematic, long-term development of services in the field of cash currency exchange, bringing maximum benefit to people through constant improvement of our work. Goal: to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at each exchange office. We realize that the main thing in our work is an impeccable reputation with clients, which is created by our daily efforts.

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We care about the safety and protection of our customers from any attacks from unwanted elements. Each exchange office is protected by a video surveillance system, “alarm call” buttons for the rapid response teams of Zhedel Sakshy LLP. Cash collection is carried out by employees of ABROY ENCASHMENT LLP in special armored vehicles, equipped with firearms and body armor.


Each exchange office is equipped with counting machines, armored glass, special trays for transferring money, and devices for determining the authenticity of banknotes. To receive up-to-date information about the financial market, all exchange offices are connected to the Internet. Each office is equipped with a ventilation and air conditioning system and has a booth for servicing VIP clients.


Each exchange office has a manager from whom you can get advice and negotiate individual discounts when exchanging large amounts of currency. To meet customer needs, we always set a minimum margin (the difference between buying and selling). It varies for each currency, as it depends on it's liquidity.


We pay great attention to staff recruitment. The key requirements that we put forward for each employee: honesty, integrity, professionalism, the desire for self-improvement and the capacity for taking responsibility. Each applicant undergoes a series of tests for professional suitability. After being hired, cashiers are required to undergo training at second-tier banks to obtain a certificate for working with foreign cash. All managers and other employees undergo special psychological training.